I need your email address since I send a draft to you prior to cutting for your approval. I also will send you a PayPal invoice (you don't need to belong) so you can pay by credit card and finally you can pick up at my home or I can send by mail. The price is $36 for sign (Home Sweet Home), or $10 for modification of the sign title (your last name if  you want or really any thing ) and $10 to ship or you can save by pick up a my home to save shipping (live in Port St Lucie down the street from Sams and Walmart on Gatlin, Blvd).  Also, if you give me your address, I can put your excat Long and Lat location on it instead of the general location of the city you want.


To Summarized


  • Home Address

  • Email

  • Title Modification

  • Pick up my home or ship to your address


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